Tour vs. Rent

Wondering why you should take a tour instead of just rent? Here is some helpful information about why we only operate tours and why you should take a tour with us. Our tours are capped at a group size of 10 people. .


You get what you pay for.

Know where to go

Sure, you can be told where to go, but our guides are out there everyday. They know the best spots for swimming as well as the best places to hike. The lake level varies throughout the season and from year to year. Lake level changes everything!

Transporting equipment

When you go with a tour, launch and retrieval is taken care of. All you need to do is show up dressed to play.


An experienced guide makes all the difference. All guides are trained and equipped with:

  • Rescue
  • First aid
  • Toeing anyone who is struggling (kayaking)
  • Weather safety
  • Contact with emergency services


Everyone knows people do not take care of rented equipment.

Our Recent Kayak Tours

See all the folks who have gone on a tour with us. Our goal is to make this your #BestTripEver. If you’re happy, we’re happy.

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