Team of Local Guides

Our dream team of experienced and knowledgeable local guides is bursting with excitement to show off this beautiful area. The owners/operators of Lake Powell Adventure Co. started this company with over 40 years combined experience guiding in and around Page. We all love this place and we want to show it off and keep you safe.

Every guide is certified in CPR, Wilderness First Aid and trained in kayak rescue by a representative of the ACA.

Danny Woods

Owner / Guide

Danny, an avid outdoorsman, has lived in Arizona for 40 years. He has hunted, fished and explored Arizona’s public lands for over three decades. Ten years ago he moved to Page to follow his passion. He started a guided fishing business which opened the door to his endeavors with Lake Powell Adventure Co. Danny has guided guests on the waters of Lake Powell and surrounding landscapes for over 10 years, and has more than 1,500 days of backcountry adventures.

Michael Collins

Michael Collins

Tour Guide

Mike is a native of Arizona and a lover of the great outdoors. A fortunate Father of five and brother of six, Mike has been blessed by a beautiful family and a life full of adventures. Professionally Mike worked as a sales executive for a high-end developer of private golf clubs and real estate around the Southwest United States and Mexico. This allowed Mike to see and experience numerous sought after destinations. No matter how special and appreciated, at the core of his adventurous heart, Mike has always enjoyed coming back to Lake Powell and the surrounding Grand Circle. Mother nature is the great artist of existence and nowhere else compares, in Mike’s estimation, to the splendor and maze of wonder she has created here. It’s still a place a person can get lost into the primal bosom of Mother Nature. Mike is honored with the title of adventure guide and the opportunity to escort visitors from around the world into her beauty. He was also presented Guide of the Year by the Mayor of Page, Arizona.

Nick Messing

Tour Guide

Nick, being the outdoorsman and jack of all trades he is, has a major problem; the undeniable need for amazing experiences and adventures. It undoubtedly started in the womb, but really took hold with the freedom of college. Since being born and raised in Tucson, Arizona is advantageous to embracing the natural world, the benefits of living in Arizona has lead him to explore many of the off trail and uncommon places all over the Southwest. Nick is unequal parts: Business Owner, Overlander, Mountain Biker, Kayak Guide, EMT, former Sheriff’s Deputy and NFL Stuntman. With expertise and experience like that, the only guiding outfit he’d consider being part of had to be the best: Lake Powell Adventure Co.

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”

Linda Grayson

Honorable Mentions

Siobhan McCann

Siobhan is lucky to have relocated to Arizona over 20 years ago. After college, she moved to Page and guided on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon for 13 years. Paddling through canyons and enjoying the open landscape of the desert Southwest is in her blood. Her love for the outdoors has grown exponentially throughout her years as a guide. Enlightening others about the land’s geologic and human history, along with showing off the beauty, is now one of her life’s passions. Siobhan is a bonafide fun seeker and the “Momma Bear” at Lake Powell Adventure Co.

Craig Little

A 30-year love affair with the outdoors brought Craig to Lake Powell Adventure Co. An avid backpacker for over three decades, he has explored many remote reaches of Arizona and beyond. He has worked as a guide on over 80 trips navigating the mighty Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. In addition, he has been guiding kayak tours on Lake Powell for 8 years. His enthusiasm to show people the places he loves is apparent to friends new and old.

Jiho Sohn

Britton Hemmert

Britton is captivated with conquering fears and helping others do the same. He eats adrenaline for breakfast. If you’re hungry for a thrill or just a good laugh, then Britton is the guide for you. From Oregon mountain lakes, to Arizona red rock, he is always ready for an adventure. His background with river kayaking has brought him to Lake Powell where he has been guiding tours for two years. Britton loves how each trip offers fresh variety. He enjoys meeting new passengers, navigating slot canyons, and jumping from Powell’s orange cliffs.

Jiho Sohn

Jiho Sohn

He first came to Lake Powell in the summer of 2011. He and his friends turned down the houseboat and decided try something different–lets kayak Lake Powell! Who would have guessed the kayak tour on Lake Powell would be a life-changer for all them. With over two decades (omfg) in the web development business he uses PHP, CSS, SEO, design, and a sense of humor (LOLMAO Tech) as his main arsenal to spread the awesomeness he experienced with Lake Powell Adventure Co. on the “interwebz”.

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