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The desert Southwest is a great place to explore! Having a guide with you ensures your safety and also keeps you and your family having fun. Here at Lake Powell Adventure Co., we want to be sure you leave with a smile on your face, a story to tell, and some great photos to share! Always remember, safety is our number one priority. We also care deeply that you get all you can out of this wonderful place while you are in Page, Arizona. All photos are taken by our guides for our clients at no additional charge. Let your guide get that Instagram photo of you while you enjoy the beauty around you!
2020-10-17 1100 Antelope Canyon Kayak + Hike Tour

2020-10-17 1100 Antelope Canyon Kayak + Hike Tour

One of the greatest part of our job, is to see people in their element while kayaking this tranquil area. Amazing group of people, fun experience, but overall a lifelong memories. Thank you for touring with us in Antelope Canyon.

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