Recent Lake Powell Winter Kayak Tours

Calm, quiet, empty, serene and glassy! Here are photos of what a winter kayak Tour from Lone Rock Beach looks like. You get the place to yourself! You need to dress in layers, but it is totally worth it. There is still plenty of desert sun to keep you warm. The wildlife we see on these tours is incredible! Because the Summer crowds are gone, the place comes alive!
2021-09-12 0800 Antelope Canyon Kayak + Hike Tour

2021-09-12 0800 Antelope Canyon Kayak + Hike Tour

This morning’s kayak tour of Antelope Canyon was a special experience for everyone in this group. We were the first in the canyon after last night’s flooding, boy was it educational. This was a muddy first-hand experience of the aftermath of a flash flood.

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