Recent Antelope Canyon Kayak Tours

This kayak tour of Antelope Canyon is a serene way to experience Lake Powell. We will paddle in style for 4 to 6 miles (6.4 to 9.6 km) until the water ends. Once on shore, we’ll hike up the narrow slot canyon. When it’s warm out, swimming is also a favorite activity for our paddlers. Be sure you’re up the creek WITH a paddle. #JumpIn. Book Now ►

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The #OMG Destinations

When you reach any of these destinations, you will #OMG.

Alstrom Point

The view from Alstrom Point encompasses many environments. As your eyes scan the landscape, you will find dusty desert terrain flowing into once dry canyons that are now filled with the water of Lake Powell. On the horizon stands Navajo Mountain, proudly watching over the landscape. Explore Alstrom Point ►

Antelope Canyon

Kayak through the beautiful Antelope Canyon with time for hiking and/or swimming opportunities, 4-7 mi (6.4-11.2 km) of paddling. This tour is designed by a local paddling guide to be the best Antelope Canyon paddle tour, with brand new cozy kayaks and personal flotation devices designed for a comfortable paddle. Explore Antelope Canyon ►

Trails Around Page

The ever-expanding trail system in and around Page, Arizona, showcases some epic terrain. Hop on an Electric Fat Tire Mountain Bike Tour and take it all in. With 3x the power of your legs, you can go farther and do more with ease. LPACO has the mountain bikes that Page has been waiting for. Come be a part of something new, and let’s explore these fresh trails together! Explore Trails Around Page ►

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