Electric Biking Overlooking Lake Powell

Reserve your private electric bike tour to view and do something unique around Lake Powell. In 2 hours an experienced guide will take your group (max 6) on these extraordinary bicycles with a pedal assisted motor. Page, Arizona, has expansive views of Glen Canyon, Vermillion Cliffs, and the Kaiparowits Plateau. The slick rock and trails around Page provide a playground for these electric bikes. Your guide will cater the experience to your group. Your eyes will never tire of the amazing features all around, and your body will never tire with the help of the pedal-assisted motor.

The Tour

See the vast landscape surrounding Page on a 2-hour tour riding a Bulls Electric Full Suspension Fat Tire Mountain Bike, the bike that Page has been waiting for. This bicycle is so easy to ride! It provides up to 3x the power of your legs with the pedal assistance of the electric motor. You can pedal with the lungs and legs that you wish you had. There is no throttle; the motor disengages when you stop pedaling or once 20 mph is achieved. Front and rear suspension will smooth out the bumps while the fat tires float over the sand. These fat tires provide massive grip and instill confidence for riders of all levels of experience. It is so easy, you gotta ride this thing to believe it!

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Is This Tour Right For You?

If you are comfortable riding a bicycle and stopping the bicycle, then you will love this tour. We have created a routes for riders of all experience levels, your guide will cater to the experience of the group. These bicycles are amazing! Less advanced riders can enjoy how exceptionally easy these bikes are to pedal and maneuver, while the more advanced rider can enjoy the novelty of these machines and go play on some slick rock. These electric bikes will put a grin on your face that will last for days. Due to the size of these bikes, all riders must be at least 5 ft (1.5 m) tall and 100 lbs (45.5 kg). If you have no experience riding a bike, we also offer Antelope Canyon Kayak Tours.

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