Frequent Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers. Here are some frequently asked questions about our tours. If this does not answer your questions, please feel free to contact us.

What time is it in Page?

We always operate on Arizona Time. Arizona does not observe daylight savings time. Utah and the Navajo Reservation do. Do not always trust your cell phone for the correct time because while in Page, you might be picking up cellular single from Utah.

March-October: Page time is the same as the Pacific Time zone. (PST)
November-February: Page time is the same as Mountain Standard Time. (MST)

Please read our current time page.

What is provided on these tours?

A knowledgeable guide, water refill and snacks are provided on all tours. All tours provide you with the equipment needed for the tour. Clothing and sun protection are up to you.

During these tours, what is the restroom situation?

You will have an opportunity to use the restroom before you leave. Once the tour is underway, there are no restroom facilities. During the tour we will abide by NPS and BLM rules by staying off trails for relief. We will have a backpacking system for emergency solid waste.

Do guides accept gratuities?

Thank you so much for asking. Yes, gratuities are greatly appreciated.

Kayak Tour

Do I have to pay to get into the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area/Lake Powell?

For kayak tours, yes. There is a $30 entrance fee that provides 7 days of access to the park. Your National Parks Annual Pass works as well. Please visit the National Park Service’s website for more information.

How physically demanding is the kayak tour?

Certain weather conditions may be challenging, you will exercise during the tour. It’s safe to say it is physically comparable to a three mile (4.8 km) hike.

What if I can’t swim?

Swimming is not a requirement. Quality kayak specific personal flotation devices (PFDs) are provided. If properly worn, our PFDs will float you. Guests with no swimming experience regularly come kayaking with us.

EBike Tour

How physically demanding is the Electric Bike Tour?

You must pedal these bikes to make them go, but how hard you pedal is up to you. Certain weather conditions may be challenging. It’s safe to say, minimal effort is physically comparable to a three mile (4.8) hike.

What skill level does the Electric Bike Tour require?

You must have experience riding a bike and you must be able to stop the bike. The electric pedal assist takes much of the work out, technicality is up to you.

4×4 Off-Road Tour

How intense is the 4x4 action on the off-road tour?

This 4×4 action is far from intimidating. The road is bumpy at times, most ages can handle it.

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