2020-12-07 Alstrom Point Private 4×4 Off-Road + Electric Bike Tour

by | Feb 2, 2021 | OffRoad + Ebike, Paria Overlook

A day of exploration and delight! We giggled and enjoyed these eBikes.

Alstrom Point 4x4 Off-Road and Electric Mountain Bike (eBike) Tour near Lake Powell. Page, Arizona.

Private 4×4 + Electric Mountain Bike Tour

Experience an Off-Road excursion and an Electric Fat Tire Mountain Bike ride through some fantastic terrain, this is a private tour (max 5 riders). Upon arrival, you will explore many overlooks of Lake Powell on a 10 mile (16 km) electric mountain bike ride. How technical you get is up to you. Lunch is provided. Get More Info About Your Private 4×4 + eBike Tour at Alstrom Point ➡️

$1000: Vehicle, eBikes, and Guide Private Tour (1 – 3 riders)

$1300: Vehicle, eBikes, and Guide Private Tour (4 – 5 riders)

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