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Captain Danny Woods

Play – verb; engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. “the children were playing outside”. Synonyms:amuse oneself, entertain oneself, enjoy oneself, have fun.

Young – adjective; having lived or existed for only a short time.

Playing Young

Well, the literal definition says it all! The world and all of its wonderful creatures always have and always will exist for a short time. One of the best compliments that I have ever received, was when I was told that I have figured out how to live the Peter Pan life. Just the idea of never growing up has left most of us daydreaming about the possibilities at one time or another. Age has nothing to do with playing young, for time is only the counting of the Earth’s rotations around the Sun. Understanding and truly appreciating the gifts that surround us all on a daily basis, making simple choices that benefit you as well as the people around you and valuing the beauty of your own existence, this is my idea of what it means to “Play Young.”

How many times have you heard the cliché “Life is short”? Well the definition above for “young” is spot on. If you would like to spend or tap into that youth inside you, I recommend you give us a call.

Mike Collins (The Fibonacci Monkey)

When I came to understand the saying “Only the good die young” has nothing to do with age, it wasn’t a crisis I went through, but a mid-life “Realization”.

Acting young, feeling young, being young comes from somewhere inside each of us.  If you leave it behind, you grow old.  Evidence of this is everywhere. However, this youthfulness never leaves us and is there waiting to be tapped at any time.  Kind of like Lake Powell and the Colorado River just sitting there hidden in the folds of the great Southwest, waiting to be explored.  Those who do take the time to plunge into their youthfulness tend to carry it with them no matter where or how far they go.  Hence the reason they die both good and young regardless of their age.

To me, having the ability to tap into this fountain of youth, is precisely what it means to “Play Young”.  And, when you’re around someone who knows the art of playing young, it becomes attractively contagious!  I know, for my life-long best friend and partner in crime, Danny Woods, has been playing young his entire life, and taught me well.

So, here we are, excited in sharing our way of life in playing young with you our guests.  The Lake Powell Adventure House has been built to allow both ourselves and you the place and the opportunity to leave all that serious business stuff behind. When confronted face-to-face with the pure majesty of  the Glen Canyon National Park, you won’t be able to help feeling like a child.  Danny, myself and our team all look forward to sharing in these moments with you and invite you to come play young.

“You can see it written on the canyon walls, you can hear it singing in the silent awe, you can feel it reverberating in the laughter.  Play Young.” – The Fibonacci Monkey